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Miscellaneous Tours

Miscellaneous tours are “one off” itineraries that do not come under our usual tour classifications. Some of these we run ourselves and some are run by our regional partners. They include both guided and self-guided trips. Quite simply, we post miscellaneous itineraries that offer great cycling and excellent value.

For tours organized and run by one of our regional partners, booking through tours through the Iron Donkey will cost you exactly the same as if you were booking with the provider directly. By posting the tours on the Iron Donkey site we earn a small commission on your booking – so if you first spot the tour on the Iron Donkey website, we would ask that you book through us. We give our guarantee that you will pay the lowest price on offer for the trip. If you discover that another participant has paid less for their trip, we will refund the difference!

2014 Miscellaneous Tours – for full details click on the tour name
Tour name Country/Region Tour Type Duration
Italy Coast to Coast Italy Self-Guided 10 nights
La Rioja Spain

Scheduled Self-guided

7 nights
Lanzarote Spain Scheduled Self-guided 7 nights
Puglia (7) Italy Self-Guided 7 nights
Puglia (10) Italy Self-Guided 10 nights