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South Sardinia Self-Guided Tour (10 Nights)

Tour code: SARSG10

Tour Overview

Starting from Quartu near Cagliari, you ride east following the beautiful coastline of the Gulf of Cagliari to Villasimius, the leading resort on the south west coast. A side trip to the spectacular Capo Carbonara to see the Notteri marsh, a stopping off point for migratory flamingos, is recommended. From Villasimius you ride north towards Muravera at the mouth of the Flumendosa River passing the Colostai Salt Lake en route. At Muravera you leave the coast and head into the interior, visiting the quaint towns of Balloa and Escalaplano on the way to Orroli.  A loop route from Orroli takes you to the beautiful 14th century churches of San Vito and Santa Barbara in Gergei.  Nuraghe Arrubiu is one of the best preserved and most significant nuragic complexes in Sardinia.

Heading west from Orroli you ride through Nurri, San Niccolò Gerrei, Barrumini and Collinas en route to the ancient thermal centre of Sardara, before reaching the coast at Nebida.  The coast is followed south through Gonnesa and Portoscuso before boarding the ferry to Carloforte on the island of San Pietro. Another ferry ride takes you to Calasetta on Sant’Antioco, and then onward to Teulada and the ancient Phoenician city of Nora. The final destination is Chia, set amongst orchards and fig trees.

For information about en route scenery and attractions see the Regional Details page.

Ten highlights

  • Notteri’s Pond
  • Fortezza Vecchia
  • Nuraghe Arrubiu
  • Churches of San Vito and Santa Barbara
  • Su Nuraxi
  • The Thermae of Sardara
  • The cave of San Giovanni
  • The Acropolis of Sant’Antioco
  • The magnificent sand dunes at Chia
  • The Roman city of Nora


  • Sardinia Self-Guided Tour
  • Sardinia Self-Guided Tour
  • Sardinia Self-Guided Tour
  • Sardinia Self-Guided Tour
  • Sardinia Self-Guided Tour


  • To lengthen the tour, consider spending an extra night on San Pietro or in Pula.


  • This itinerary is not suitable for novice riders.

Outline Itinerary

Day Itinerary Start Finish Route options
En Route
1 arrive at QUARTU (Cagliari)        
2 route A Quartu Villasimius     Notteri’s Pond, Cava Usai, ancient Spanish guard tower, Fortezza Vecchia, Natural Park of Settefratelli
3 route B Villasimius Muravera       Belvedere Isola di Serpentara, San Priamo's Sanctuary, Ten Horses Tower
4 route C Muravera Orroli      Goni - Necropolis and archaeological park, Nuraghe Arrubiu, Mount Lora
5 route D Orroli Orroli       Arcade of the ancient Monastery of S. Francesco, Las Plassas' Castle, Church of San Vito and Church of Santa Barbara in Gergei, Nuraghe Arrubiu
6 route S Orroli Sardara     Church of San Sebastiano, Sanctuary of Santa Lucia, Thermae in Sardara, Church of San Vito and Church of Santa Barbara in Gergei, Nuragic Complex 'Su Nuraxi' in Barumini, the ancient 'Cumbessias' in Villanovaforru
7 route U Sardara Nebida     Coastline, Pan di Zucchero, the old mine of Porto Flavia
8 route V Nebida  Carloforte       Carloforte, the natural monument 'Le Colonne', the old 'Tonnara'
9 route W Calasetta Chia     Calasetta, Acropolis of Sant'Antioco, sand dunes of Chia, the cave 'Is Zuddas' in Santadi
10 route X Chia Pula       Nora, Santa Margherita's beach
11 depart from QUARTU (Cagliari)          

Tour Costs

Costs in Euros
basic cost per person sharing
single accommodation supplement (if applicable)
Optional Costs
bicycle rental
luggage transfers
shared charge for group
additional charge per rider

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