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The City of Bath / Accommodation for West of England tours

There are two very good reasons for choosing the city of Bath in England as the starting and finishing point for both the Cotswolds tour and the Wessex tour. Firstly there are frequent fast convenient transport links (both train and bus) between Bath and London (including Heathrow Airport) – and it is also relatively easy to travel between Bath and other regions of the country. But the overriding reason is Bath itself - it would be almost a crime to visit this part of the country without spending a day in this most beautiful of English cities. For this reason, we would strongly recommend that, if possible, you arrange to spend a day in the city either before or after your bicycle tour. We can arrange an extra night’s accommodation for you – but read on!

There is one downside to the attractiveness of Bath – and that is the pressure that is put on visitor accommodation throughout the year. Accommodation at weekends (Friday and Saturday night) tends to be booked up months in advance. Even when it is available, most accommodation providers will not accept a one-night booking for either Friday or Saturday – insisting upon a minimum stay of two consecutive nights at weekends. These restrictions throw up some interesting logistics when it comes to booking accommodation at the start and finish of the bicycle tours. The easiest solution is, when planning your tour, to arrange to arrive in Bath according to the table below.

If you simply can’t make your travel plans fit with the table, don’t despair! There are solutions to every problem, so just drop us an email, and we will come up with one or two alternative possibilities.

Preferred start days
Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri

7 night tour (Cotswolds or Wessex)


7 night tour + extra night in Bath at start


7 night tour + extra night in Bath at end


9 night tour (Cotswolds and Marlborough Downs)


9 night tour + extra night in Bath at start


9 night tour + extra night in Bath at end


12 night tour (West of England)


12 night tour + extra night in Bath at start


12 night tour + extra night in Bath at end


For the Cotswolds tour and the Wessex tour we are offering just one accommodation type as the standard for the tours. English Tourist Board approved Bed and Breakfasts provide quality, comfortable, welcoming accommodation that is ideal for the needs and wants of most cycle tourists. Generally rooms have their own en suite facilities. Although most Bed & Breakfasts do not provide evening meals, accommodation locations are chosen so that all are within easy walking distance of facilities such as pubs and restaurants that can offer a range of alternatives for your evening sustenance.

There are plenty of other types of accommodation in both regions, including hotels of all sizes and classifications, traditional English wayside and village inns, guesthouses, farmhouses and campsites. If you would like to consider alternative accommodation options for one or two nights, or for your whole tour, we will be happy to consider possible options with you, and to obtain a no-obligation quote on the basis of your preferred accommodation choices.

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