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Western Sicily Bicycle Tours - Travel to the Region

The trailheads for most of the itineraries are Palermo, Mondello or Monreale. Monreale and Mondello are very close to Palermo. Getting to the trailhead entails first getting to Palermo and then doing the final leg to your accommodation in the trailhead town. Taxi is the best option for this final leg, but there are buses from central Palermo to both Monreale and Mondello.


There are two airports in the region. Palermo Airport is the larger and services most international flights. Trapani has mostly internal flights but also serves a limited number of European destinations – including London.
Getting from Palermo Airport to Palermo


Trains run from Palermo Centrale to Punta Raisa (Airport) approximately every 30 minutes – the journey takes from 45 minutes to an hour.


Getting from Trapani Airport to Palermo
The best option is to take a taxi or airport bus to Trapani Station, and then a train to Palermo. Trains run approximately every 2 hours and the journey takes about 3 hours.

To and from Mainland Italy

The main train line takes you to Sicily from the mainland along the coast going south from Rome. Ferries connect Sicily to mainland Italy, Sardinia, Malta, Tunisia, and Egypt.


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